a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit
Public Benefit Corporation


Shane Zurilgen for supporting the Art Battle.

Karen Kelley for managing the Art Club.


Martha Mangahas for volunteering at the Open House.


Betsy Luntao for donating a computer monitor.

Drawing Out Your Character,
One Scribble at a Time


Every Dollar Counts


E-Waste &
Appliance Pickup

Ink & Toners
Bring to Studio


Shop S-Mart
Cards at Studio

Shop Office Depot
Cards at Studio
or use phone#

Designate payroll donations to JLI

Volunteer Opportunities -- Contact Jon

209-479-4128 or jliacademy@hotmail.com


  • Talk to people about JLI,
  • Come out for Academy art shows, workshops & events,
  • Bring a friend with you,
  • Promote JLI on line - Facebook, YELP, etc.,
  • Share our mission with potential sponsors.
  • Become JLI's liaison to deliver materails to locations that support the Academy.
  • Handle a table for JLI at a fair/event -- hand out materials & answer questions about JLI.

Studio Aides

  • Help keep studio paint brushes in servicable condition.
  • Stick around to put away equipment and straighten the chairs after class.
  • Wipe down tables and pick up trash.
  • Vacuum or swab out the bathroom.

Program Managers

  • Participate in, learn about & adopt a program you want to support.
  • Work with promotions team to list program events on web calendars & design/distribute flyers/posters/etc.
  • Prepare/puchase materials and distribute at program events.
  • Welcome, explain program to guests and monitor sign ins.
  • Assist Lead Artist as needed during events.
  • Take/gather photos and deliver to promotions team.
  • Debrief with Lead Artist, confirm program's ongoing schedule & needs.

Hosts & Hostesses

  • Prepare/purchase materials including food for JLI events.
  • Deliver & set up in advance of events.
  • Greet guests, monitor sign-ins (collect e-mail addresses)
  • Take and gather event photos -- deliver to promotions team
  • Stick around for wrap up.

Art Show Team

  • Liaison with Lead Artists, Board and local galleries/library to develop Art Show opportunities.
  • Work with promotions team to list Art Shows on web calendars & design/distribute flyers/posters/etc.
  • Collect frames & purchase materials for framing.
  • Work with Lead Artists, students & other volunteers preparing art for display.
  • Deliver & hang art at show location.

Promotions Team

  • Take responsibility for placing JLI events on one or more community calendars.
  • Write press releases, articles, reports for one or more local newsletters.
  • Provide photos (high resolution for print).
  • Lend your skills & contacts (radio? local TV? other?).