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Back to School . . . Get Energized

Teachers Ride Free

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Bringing Art to All Californians


FREE Teachers' Only Make & Take Art Experiences
STARTING - Jan 17, 2013

All K-12 teachers and other educators are invited to JLI studios
to explore incorporating art into your curriculum
in ways that will stimulate creativity and learning.

Space is limited. Reservations are recommended. Call 479-4128




What subject do you teach? Let JLI use your topic for a demo.

4 Flexible Techniques

Alla Prima


Cell Painting

Print Making

Jagged Lines of Imagination Academy received a grant from the California Arts Council as part of its Public Value program. This grant will help local teachers bring more art into our community’s schools.

Throughout this semester JLI will offer a free after school program . . . for teachers.

The program is designed to refresh stressed out teachers. All teachers are welcome. Look forward to conversation, and activities that will increase your comfort level with technology and art.

Research shows that studying and practicing art builds the critical thinking and problem solving skills that lead to academic and life success. We're going to give teachers a chance to give these ideas a try by participating in fun art projects.

At each get-together we'll also offer teachers some hands-on experience with technology that will free allow them to use classroom tools efficiently. Streamlining basic curricular support functions will reduce the effort-and-stress that now eats up valuable teaching time, opening up more opportunities for art.

The Academy is also seeking interested partner schools and sponsors who want to see our children embrace education joyfully. Some matching funds have already been provided by the Stockton Arts Commission. Additional fundraising will be needed to meet project goals.