The Art of Teaching Art

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Looking for a few artists who want to learn or expand teaching skills.

This seminar series, supported in part by a grant from the Stockton Arts Commission, will consist of 6 monthly meetings, during which we will develop and offer 6 community art workshops.

Each artist/teacher seminar will offer a teaching theory or technique for participants to explore as a group exercise.  Seminars will assume participants’ have well-developed art skills.  The seminars will involve brainstorming a variety of ways to break down, communicate, and motivate students to practice those skills.  Seminars will also include role play practice, allowing participants to experience both teaching and student roles.

Seminar teaching topics will include

  • an overview of a basic 4-part lesson approach,
  • a variety of ways to implement each part (intro, breakdown, practice, create),
  • differentiating techniques for all-ages and all-skills audiences,
  • how Lead Artists’ experience and research can be used to enrich their lessons,
  • how to link/combine lessons to build an on-going class sequence, and
  • techniques for evaluation/critique.

Seminar participants will develop and lead 6 public workshops (free to the public) at the Teen Impact Center.

Notes from the first 3 seminars are available here:

All seminar meetings will be held at the TIC/JLI art studio — Teen Impact Center, 725 N El Dorado, Stockton. Next meeting will be June 24, from 12-2 pm.  Three more meetings will be scheduled to fit participants’ schedules and facilitate development of the workshop series, to be offered in at the TIC/JLI art studio in the fall.

Application form here.  OR , not sure? too late? LAST 3 SESSIONS WILL BE DEVOTED TO DEVELOPING WORKSHOPS.  Anyone interested in assisting at workshops please contact ASAP.